Welcome to Episode 2 of the Got a Minute? weekly podcast. This week, EdBooks CEO Rob Reynolds provides insight into the value of learning content in a world where technology becomes increasingly interactive and driven by artificial intelligence.

Pay attention to the news on any given week and you’ll see reminders of where we will be by 2025. Not the precise location, mind you, but definitely in the vicinity.

For example, here are three headlines from the past week.

The future is mobile. Augmented and virtual reality will be a part of our daily experiences. Artificial intelligence will be woven seamlessly into a majority interactions. And, yes, that applies to learning and formal education environments as well.

So, what about learning content? What’s a publisher do in times like those?

Why publish, of course.

Learning content will continue to play a central role in learning. But in 2025, specialization will dictate that successful publishers focus exclusively on content.Other companies will specialize in different experiences via technology. And those companies will require

Other companies will specialize in different experiences via technology. And those companies will require content that they can consume dynamically and repurpose, on-the-fly, to create new learning experiences.

The best content. The best technology.

Yes, content will be as important as ever. Publishers will simply be less visible in the presentation layer of learning experiences.

Podcast Transcript

The future of educational technology will inevitably coincide with the development of technology in general.

It is a future that will be increasingly mobile and voice-based.

It is a future of augmented reality…

…virtual reality…

…and artificial intelligence.

So, whither learning content development?

In this brave new world, learning content will be more important than ever before.

Learning content will be at the core of new technology-based learning experiences.

It will come from both nonprofit and for-profit publishers.

And it will be both smart and flexible.

It will be content that can be consumed by any content printer and translated dynamically into any technology-based experience.

Yes, learning content will rule in the future, but it will rule, increasingly, from behind the scenes.