Our mission at EdBooks is to innovate educational publishing to create a scalable, sustainable model for generating high-quality, flexible, and highly affordable learning content.

As part of that mission, we’ve designed a new content publishing paradigm, called Stackable Lessons™, that allows us to deliver:

  • One product model that can be used in any instructional delivery environment — face-to-face, hybrid, or online;
  • A unique product design that supports the individual teaching and study preferences of instructors and students — online/offline, print/digital;
  • A single content product, structured within an intentional learning design model, that promotes learner agency in both instructor-led and self-paced environments.

People often ask me how our Stackable Lessons differ from other learning solutions such as courseware, textbooks, and traditional online course solutions. Here are five ways we differ.

1. We build dynamic, flexible solutions that break learning down into individual concepts. For each concept, we create a stand-alone, self-contained Stackable Lesson. These lessons are designed to give students everything they need to understand and apply the concept. Because they are stand-alone and self-contained, our lessons can be reordered or re-combined across subjects without sacrificing learning efficacy.

2. Our lessons focus on TTM, or “things that matter.” We strip them of bloat and complexity in order to prevent students with the amount of core content that they can absorb and apply meaningfully.

3. EdBooks solutions are designed for multiple, flexible use. We create a single product model that can be used in any learning environment regardless and can adapt easily to varying emphases on technology.

4. Our products are designed, from the ground up, for affordability. We have engineered our technology, content authoring processes, and production methodologies for the specific purpose of affordability. This has led to publishing ecosystem that allows us to provide faculty and institutions the most flexible, customizable, and affordable products.

5. We are building out an integrated curriculum as opposed to individual, soloed products. This translates to a large library of Stackable Lessons™ that are intentionally interconnected and designed to be used across multiple subject areas.

In a recent webinar, we gave people an overview of our Stackable Lessons™ model and how the same product can be applied in different learning environments.

On November 8, we’ll be taking a deeper dive in our discussion about Stackable Lessons™ with EdBooks Chief Content Officer Stacy Zemke and lesson contributor/History instructor Jay Reynolds. They will share how the model lends itself to curriculum design and actual application in the classroom.

This will be a great opportunity to learn more about how our innovative approach to providing high-quality, flexible, and highly affordable content for educators and students.