Our Values-Based Curriculum

EdBooks products are packaged as collections of content that cover topics and key concepts associated with specific subject domains and courses. Beneath this product surface lies a entire curriculum framework that covers all the course areas currently planned for the EdBooks library, a collection that ranges from Economics and American Government to World Literature and Christianity. Our curriculum framework also features a layer of integrated literacies, competencies, and values that can promote personal and professional success in a student’s life.


Literacies and Competencies

Successful employees in the 21st century must master a range of literacies and competencies that extend well beyond the concepts presented in a given discipline. At EdBookswe want to help instructors guide their students to become successful both professionally and personally. To support this goal, we have identified a list of key literacies and competencies, and have integrated them into our mediabook lessons. We place these within the meaningful and applied context of a specific course topics and provide activities to practice their development.

EdBooks taxonomy model showing key concepts mapped to literacties, competencies and values.

Key Values

At EdBooks, we believe that values matter. Furthermore, we believe that fostering key values — Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Humility, and Resilience — is critical in educating successful professionals and engaged citizens. In particular, we view General Education and lower division majors courses as ideal opportunities for emphasizing the practical significance of these values in a collaborative and experiential learning contexts.

Example of an EdBooks learning environment model mapped to a key concept in the EdBooks taxonomy.