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Adopt a Mediabook


Step 1: Choose Your Subjects


Step 2: Configure Mediabook Needs

We can customize your mediabooks to include additional media (video and audio) resources. 

Step 3: Mix & Match Access Options

Decide which format or delivery model — online subscription or  offline local distribution — works best for your students. All options support printing, as well as access to e-text, media, interactivities, and study tools.


We pride ourselves on our support for multiple delivery models, including an online subscription model for class cohorts, as well as a locally distributable, offline version that can be pre-loaded onto password-protected flash drives. 

In addition, each of our mediabooks integrates the following:

A complete e-text with module and lesson outcomes aligned to quizzes

Integrated video and audio recordings that are accompanied by downloadable/printable transcripts

Formative quizzes

Interactivities to encourage student reflection

Study tools such as glossed terms and lesson-specific resource toolboxes

Support for class cohorts with institution-specific usernames and passwords

Mediabook Catalog

EdBooks offers mediabooks in general education subjects such as Writing and COmmunication, History and Government, Humanities, Social Sciences, Business, Math, Computer Technology, and Science. The list below reflects our current product offerings. Click on the course icon for a product to see more information.

Available Now

Language and Composition

Literature and Composition

Introduction to Communication

U.S. History I

American Government

Principles of Psychology

Introduction to Information Technology

Quantitative Analysis I

Introduction to Biology

Available Spring 2020

U.S. History II

Chinese I

Latin I


College Algebra


Introduction to Biology (with lab)

Physical Science (with lab)