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We know institutions and instructors want to provide the best learning experience possible for their students. We also know how busy their professional lives have become. At EdBooks, our goal is to be a helpful, personal resource that supports a faculty member’s teaching workflow, from the initial planning and design phase of a course all the way to the final exam. Our team consists of instructors and learning designers with many years of classroom and online teaching experience, and we’re always available for a phone or e-mail conversation. We enjoy discussing content and tool ideas, the merits of a particular activity, or different possibilities for measuring a course’s learning efficacy. Learn more about how EdBooks uses Learning Environment Modeling to work empathetically with faculty partners.

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At EdBooks, we measure our success in terms of the success of the teaching solutions we help our institutional and faculty partners create. As a result, a primary company goal is to build long-term relationships with faculty partners around teaching and learning. We know that successful learning environments evolve over time and as conditions change. That’s why we work collaboratively with institutions and instructors to design the best learning solution for the current term but also think about the post-term evaluation process and possible redesign scenarios. We look to build each course solution as a foundation that can support many future iterations across different contexts.


We understand that every course is unique. Faculty members have different preferences for resources, presentation styles, and student interaction. Each class takes a nuanced approach to the lesson concepts being presented and how they are prioritized in terms of the overall course narrative. This uniqueness explains why we design each or our mediabooks, from the ground up, for customization. Our content is modular and can be reorganized or augmented easily. We provide detailed suggestions for customizing content based on an instructor’s desired course experience. We also provide pre-configured content configurations optimized for traditional, hybrid, and online courses. Most important, EdBooks learning designers are available to work with instructors personally to help them design and deliver the ideal learning solution. Read our case study to see how it works.

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Company Services

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Learning Design Consultation

We provide learning design consultation for institutions and faculty, ranging from the evaluation and redesign of degree and certificate programs to design concepts for transforming existing faculty courses into online environments. Consultations include a diagnostic of program/course goals, a review of current content emphases and preferred activity types, and a survey of the learning context in which the course will be delivered. Learn more about how we work with institutions and faculty in the learning design consultation. Learn more about how we work with institutions and faculty in the learning design consultation.

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Learning Environment Models

We use a design-thinking tool called Learning Environment Modeling (LEM) to design and optimize learning models for each institutional or faculty partner’s products. These models provide a shared visual foundation for content customization, resource and activity recommendations, and post-term reviews for efficacy. Learn more about how we use Learning Environment Modeling (LEM).

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Implementation and Training Assistance

Our Learning Design team makes things easy for instructors with product tutorials and virtual training sessions. We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure instructors are comfortable using our products. Or course, we always welcome calls or e-mail.

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Project Management

Designing or redesigning programs or courses is a big project. Our goal is to make such projects easier for institutional and faculty partners by providing project management support with larger course initiatives. We make sure institutions and instructors always have up-to-date information about content curation, customization tasks, and implementation milestones.

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Content Curation

EdBooks treats content design and management as integral parts of the overall program and/or course design process. As part of our work with institutions and faculty in this area, we provide an array of services, including resource recommendation, content curation, and consulting related to content rights and reuse. In addition, we help institutions and faculty evaluate the potential efficacy of different content types based on desired learning goals. EdBooks can also assist institutions with content reuse through content organization and tagging services. Learn more about how we use information science in our course design.

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Class Support and Evaluation

We understand that helping institutions and faculty launch their courses is only the first step in delivering a successful learning solution. That’s why we offer ongoing personal support to them for as long as they use our products. We provide comprehensive student support via phone, chat, and email. We also help institutions and instructors evaluate the efficacy of their courses and partner in future product customization or program/course redesign.