The EdBooks Expert Panel

At EdBooks, we create our curriculum using teams of experts, with each lesson author focusing on a specific area of expertise. This translates to concept explanations and presentations that represent a broader set of experiences and perspectives than those found in traditional textbooks or courseware.


Building an Expert Panel

We select authors for our Expert Panels based on their research and scholarly contributions, their proven commitment to teaching, and their alignment with our values-based approach to curriculum development. We also work to balance the institutional types represented within a Panel, as well as its geographic distribution. While traditional textbooks may feature 2-3 authors, an EdBooks Expert Panel will have between 10-20. Our goal is to provide deep levels of expertise coupled with a broad range of applied perspective.

Peter Boettke, George Mason University
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Michael Munger, Duke University
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Art Carden, Samford University
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Commitment to Teaching and Key Values

Our authors are passionate educators with a strong commitment to the discussion of ideals in the public square. They are active practitioners in their subject areas and serve as personal models for the viewpoints they advocate.  Equally important, EdBooks panel experts are strong proponents of undergraduate education and embrace the key values we promote throughout our products.

EdBooks Experts

Public Discussion

Personal Practice

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