The EdBooks Product Model

A Focus on Content


Our commitment to quality begins with the creation of a consistent, modular curriculum framework that is mapped through our EdBooks taxonomy and key concepts. We then translate this framework into learning environment models that are optimized for different instructional contexts: traditional, hybrid, and online. Next, we bring together a collection leading experts from diverse institutions to create premium content in their areas of specialization. Finally, we ensure that each topic in our curriculum addresses one or more of the 15 literacies, competencies, and values that we have identified as important for student success in the 21st Century. Learn more about how EdBooks uses Information Science and Learning Design to construct an integrated, Values-Based Curriculum.

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We know that each instructor and course is unique. Over time, instructors develop their own emphases and resources, presentation styles, and preferences for student interaction. That’s why we design each mediabook, from the ground up, for personalization by instructors. Our content is modular and can be reorganized or augmented easily. We provide detailed suggestions for customizing content based on an instructor’s desired course experience. We also provide pre-configured content configurations optimized for traditional, hybrid, and online courses. Most important, EdBooks learning designers are available to work with instructors personally to help them design and deliver the ideal learning solutionRead our case study to see how it works. 

Concierge Service

At EdBooks, we are committed to helping faculty deliver the ideal course experience to their students. That’s why we work directly with each adopting institution or faculty member, and provide consulting and design services related to course configurations, content resources, and delivery. Each partnership begins with a personal learning design consult to determine specific instructional vision and needs. We then work with instructors proactively throughout the course development process and are always available for personal support via phone, e-mail, or videoconference. Contact us for a personal consultation for your Economics course.

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Product Features

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Key Concept Videos

We provide clear and engaging video explanations for each key concept covered in our multimedia books. These explanations are delivered by members of our Expert Panel and are reinforced with graphics, animation, and text, making it easy for students to follow along and take notes.

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Media-Enhanced Readings

Our readings provide concept introductions, examples, and commentary to help students contextualize important information. We blend video clips, animations, and pop-up glossary definitions into our pages to add perspective and encourage student engagement. We also embed polls and quick comprehension checks to help students evaluate their understanding of the content.

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Experiential Learning Resources

A principal goal for each EdBooks lesson is to move students successfully from information to personal reflection and application. We provide story-based, scenario explorations for each lesson, as well as selected case studies for use with in-class or online discussions.

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Discussion and Collaboration Assignments

We know how important it is for students to gain practical experience in teamwork and leadership. That’s why we design our multimedia books to harness the benefits of class or group discussions and group collaboration. We provide discussion assignments and collaboration activities for each EdBooks lesson.

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Formative and Summative Quizzing

Our multimedia books include formative and summative assessments that can be auto-graded. This provides important self-check opportunities for students throughout each lesson, and also saves valuable faculty time. Instructors can also edit existing quizzes or add new ones to meet their course needs.

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Study Tools and Support

EdBooks makes it easy for students to take notes and engage in conversations with classmates. We also provide contextualized glossary definitions and text transcripts for all video content. Additionally, each EdBooks lesson features a toolbox of carefully selected resources for additional information or practice.

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