OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, JANUARY 17, 2017 – EdBooks LLC, an innovative 21st century publisher, today announced a new line of virtual mediabook products for the higher education market. These products are part of a unique, integrated curriculum framework created through a fusion of information science and learning design. The mediabooks can be used as textbook replacements or as complete frameworks for online and hybrid courses.

“Being a 21st century publisher means taking a different approach to content design, as well as to packaging, distribution, and pricing,” said EdBooks CEO, Dr. Rob Reynolds. “Our mediabook products give faculty and institutions new levels of flexibility. The products come in pre-packaged models that are optimized for traditional, hybrid, and online learning environments, but instructors can also customize and re-sequence lessons and courses without sacrificing content or learning integrity.”

In addition to its singular content architecture, EdBooks is also changing the authoring paradigm. Rather than selecting one or two well-placed faculty members around whom the publisher can build a brand, EdBooks is assembling expert panels of 10-15 authors for each course product in its curriculum.

“This gives our products a much broader perspective and ensures that authors are contributing content in their area of true expertise,” said EdBooks founder and Managing Director, Vance Fried. A university professor for 30 years, Fried added, “Our ‘expert panel’ model also lessens the time commitment for authors, which results in a much more efficient production timelines. We can bring premium learning products to market in a third of the time it takes a traditional publisher.”

EdBooks pricing and access model for students is sure to attract plenty of attention. “Our motto is, ‘One Price, Learn for Life,’“ Reynolds said. “We’re providing a premium product, and we’re making that available to students at a highly competitive price. More important, students pay a one-time fee for our products but they retain access for life through the EdBooks library.” According to Reynolds, this access also includes product updates and a lifelong learning community.

The first mediabook launched in the EdBooks library consists of four economics products: Principles of Economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Economics of Social Issues. This suite of lower-division and general education products focuses on fundamental economic concepts and how they apply to the world around us. In each of these products, key concepts are reinforced via explanations by EdBooks experts, experiential activities designed to promote personal application, and real-world examples that demonstrate economics in action.

Beyond this conceptual focus, EdBooks Economics also stands apart for its coverage of (1) Political Economy, (2) Morality of Economic Behavior, (3) Public Choice, (4) Law and Economics from a presumption-of-Liberty perspective, and (5) Organizational Economics.

For more information about EdBooks or its products, please visit the company website.

About EdBooks

EdBooks LLC is a 21st century educational publisher that creates virtual mediabooks for Business, Humanities, and the Social Sciences. EdBooks products function as textbook replacements or as complete frameworks for online and hybrid courses. EdBooks™ is distinguished by its focus on content flexibility and customization, its delivery of a unique concierge service to faculty, and the value it affords students with a “One Price, Learn for Life” access model. EdBooks was founded in 2015 and is located in Oklahoma City, OK. For additional information, please contact press@edbooks.pub.