Welcome to EdBooks

We create virtual mediabooks that function as textbook replacements or as complete frameworks for online and hybrid courses. Our innovative content development and learning design processes allow us to create personalized teaching solutions for faculty in Business, Humanities, and the Social Sciences. EdBooks is distinguished by our focus on content flexibility and customization, our delivery of a unique concierge service to faculty, and the value we afford students with our “One Price, Learn for Life” access model.

We Innovate Content and Delivery

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A Look Inside: EdBooks Economics

Our Economics mediabooks deliver clear explanations of key concepts authored by a panel of expert economists. We reinforce these concepts through an experiential learning framework that promotes knowledge application and can be taught in any environment. Learn more about EdBooks Economics.

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EdBooks Benefits: Flexibility

At EdBooks, we make course design and preparation simple. Just tell us what you’re teaching and the context you’re teaching in (traditional, hybrid, online), and we’ll work with you to build an ideal learning solution that reflects your goals and preferences. Learn more about our process and services.

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Behind the Scenes: A Values-Based Curriculum

Our virtual books are part of an integrated curriculum that aligns with key literacies, competencies, and values. They are mapped to curriculum concepts and called out in each lesson, and also tied to instructor materials. Learn more about our values-based curriculum mapping.

How We Do It

Information Science

Our curriculum begins with information scientists who create a library of key concepts mapped to one or more course domain taxonomies. These are then tagged to related concepts and key values, which makes coursebook customization simple and powerful. Learn more.

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Learning Environment Design

Our virtual books are constructed as stand-alone learning environments. They are designed to deliver a premium experience that results in active knowledge acquisition and application. To facilitate customization, we provide pre-configured learning models for traditional, hybrid, and online environments for each product. Learn more.

Expert Panels

We create our content in partnership with a panel of subject experts who provide specialization in the many different areas addressed by a particular course. Our expert panel also delivers a broad set of perspectives and represents a wide spectrum of institutions and geographic locations within the U.S. Learn more.

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Values-Based Curriculum Model

EdBooks lessons are aligned to literacies, competencies, and values that prepare students to be effective professionals and citizens in our evolving socio-economic environment. We map these key values to each of our curriculum concepts and highlight their importance in each lesson. Learn more.

Concierge Service

At EdBooks, we believe the secret to delivering a premium product is a commitment to providing premium, personalized service. Our concierge service for faculty provides custom learning design, content curation and management, and content packaging and delivery to each adopting faculty member. Learn more.

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