About EdBooks

When we began work on EdBooks, we were looking to create a new kind of educational publishing company.  

We wanted to be a publisher that focused on building an integrated curriculum instead of individual textbooks. We envisioned a company that would organize its content, from the ground up, to be entirely flexible and customizable. We would be a company that focused on service and partnership, and that would be committed to working closely with faculty to help them deliver their ideal teaching experiences using our materials. We would package digital course materials at a fair price and allowed students to retain access to those materials for lifelong learning.

We wanted to focus both on value and values. 

We wanted to be the kind of publisher we had always wanted to work with.

That vision has provided a strong sense of purpose and direction as we’ve built the EdBooks team and developed our products. It has served as a philosophical foundation, and provided a clear set of guidelines that define the services and features we provide.

Our Vision

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Personalized Teaching

We promote personalized instruction by helping faculty leverage their personal understanding, experience, and communication skills to have the greatest possible impact in students’ learning.

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A Passion for Knowledge

We design lessons to capture the wonder and power of important concepts, and provide expert guides who communicate their own, personal passion for ideas and invite students to become active explorers in a lifelong learning journey.

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Experiential and Inquiry-Based Learning

We believe that, by helping a student understand why a concept matters, why it is important in his or her personal experience, we can motivate that student to explore ideas in meaningful ways that lead to real knowledge acquisition.

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One Price. Learn for Life.

We support lifelong learning by allowing students to retain access to their content after their university experience has ended, and providing them with an ongoing community to support their personal and professional growth.

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Concierge Service

We believe a publisher should be a true partner in the learning process and will offer personalized learning and content service to each faculty member who adopts an EdBooks product.

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Vales-Based Decisions and Actions

We are a company guided by core values that serve as guidelines for our company culture and decision making, as well as how we design and products and work with faculty and students.