About EdBooks

 EdBooks is a next-generation publishing company focused on providing high-quality, affordable learning solutions for university and high school students.

EdBooks was founded by Vance Fried, Emeritus Riata Professor of Entrepreneurship and Director of the Institute for the Study of Free Enterprise at Oklahoma State University.

The seeds for the company were first planted almost fifty years ago, when Fried experienced the power of distance education as a high school student taking correspondence courses in Oshogbo, Nigeria. Decades later, his vision for the company took clear shape through research and writing about alternative economic models for U.S. higher education.

Through his research, Fried saw an opportunity to rethink the development and design of learning content in higher education, particularly in general education courses. He understood that it was possible, using digital models of production, to develop concept-focused learning solutions that were price-competitive and could change current packaging, distribution, and access models for learning content in higher education.

In late 2016, Fried invited Rob Reynolds to join EdBooks as CEO. A former university faculty member himself, Reynolds has spent the last fifteen years exploring the possibilities of learning content through research and leadership roles in educational technology and publishing.

Together, the two have worked to refine the working model for Fried’s vision, and to ramp up design and production efforts for the company’s public launch. They have built a team of experienced content experts, information scientists, and marketing specialists to help them revolutionize the market.

These beliefs shape our products and they define our mission.

  • We believe everyone should have access to engaging and effective learning for life.
  • We believe students in universities and high schools should pay less than $20 for course learning materials.
  • We believe students should only pay once for access to their learning solutions, and that they should retain access for life. That includes lifetime access to their content, as well as personal coursework and performance records.
  • We believe students should always have the option of studying online or offline and in digital or print formats, without paying extra. 
  • We believe course solutions should promote inquiry, relevance, student ownership, and mastery. 
  • We believe it’s possible to design a single, flexible product that can serve as a replacement for traditional textbooks and as a complete framework for online and hybrid courses.
  • We believe general education learning content should be developed as an interconnected curriculum that enables interdisciplinary thinking and the meaningful integration of key literacies and competencies.