EdBooks revolutionizes course and textbook publishing through its innovative application of information science, learning design, and process engineering. 

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EdBooks helps its partners deliver high-quality, affordable learning materials that are also flexible and scalable. Learn more about how we designed and built a $19 textbook model for TEL Library. Read more.

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We innovate learning content through a unique technology called Stackable Lessons™. This means greater flexibility for instructors and engaged learning for students. Learn more.

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Engaged Learning

EdBooks designs content that engages students and encourages them to take ownership of their learning. Read about our approach to learner agency through learning design.

Quality + Affordablility + Flexibility = Life-Learning for the 21st Century

How We Do It

Technology Designed for Life Learning

The EdBooks technology platform has been carefully designed to encourage student ownership of learning. This means designing an experience that allows students to manage and customize their course progress. It also means providing tools that allow students to be active creators and participants in their learning. And, to ensure that learning exploration continues beyond the end of a course, we grant them lifetime access to their content, coursework, and performance records.

Information Science

Our curriculum begins with information scientists who create libraries of key concepts mapped to one or more course domain taxonomies. These are then tagged to related concepts in our curriculum, as well as to key literacies and competencies. This granular content mapping provides a powerful yet simple framework for mediabook construction and customization. Learn more.

Learning Environment Design

EdBooks lessons are constructed as stand-alone learning environments that address individual key concepts. Each one is designed to deliver a premium experience that results in engaged learning and student ownership. To facilitate flexible delivery options, EdBooks mediabooks are designed to serve as effective textbook replacements or as complete frameworks for online or hybrid instruction. Learn more.

A Curriculum with Integrated Literacies and Competencies

An important feature of the EdBooks integrated curriculum model is the alignment of literacies and competencies that prepare students to flourish both professionally and personally in our evolving socioeconomic environment. We map these educational values to each of our curriculum concepts and highlight their importance in each lesson. Learn more.