A publishing services company that delivers innovative and affordable learning solutions for its partners. 

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EdBooks helps its partners deliver high-quality, affordable learning materials that are also flexible and scalable. Learn more about how we designed and built a $19 textbook model for TEL Library. Read more.

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We’ve developed an innovate content technology called Stackable Lessons™. This means greater product flexibility and lower development and production costs. See this in action at TEL Library.

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Engaged Learning

EdBooks designs content that engages students and encourages an active learning process. See an example of this in our work with the Edupreneur Academy.

Quality + Affordablility + Flexibility = Innovative Learning Solutions for the 21st Century

How We Do It

Self-Paced Learning Technology

The EdBooks technology platform has been carefully designed promote engaged, self-paced learning. Our administrative tools support progress management, as well as robust content tagging that facilitates mapped learning outcomes and competencies. Our module and lesson page designs promote an active learning progression that moves learners from information contextualization to mastery. Our platform also features a variety of formative and summative assignment/assessment options, including quizzing, polls, journals, discussion boards, and personal notes.

Learning Video

EdBooks employs an effective yet low-cost model for creating engaging learning video. We combine technology, learning science, and a proven process to create engaging media that helps learners acquire and retain information. Our mixture of images, animation, and text callouts hold learners’ attention and also present clear information outlines for note taking. View an example.

Information Science

Our curriculum begins with information scientists who create libraries of key concepts mapped to one or more course domain taxonomies. These are then tagged to related concepts in our curriculum, as well as to key literacies and competencies. This granular content mapping provides a powerful yet simple framework for mediabook construction and customization. See how we apply information science in our work with TEL Library.

Learning Environment Design

EdBooks uses Learning Environment Modeling (LEM), to make it easy for our partners to visualize how their learning content translates directly to desired learning experiences, objectives, and competencies. Our models and tools facilitate the planning and customization process, and we work directly with organizations and educators to explore the optimum content model configurations for their courses.

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